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Top 13 Reasons Of High Bounce Rate And How To Decrease It?

Do you have a High Website Bounce Rate? A high percentage of visitors bouncing from a page indicates the content has failed to engage them. Your website's performance depends on how visitors search intent on finding what they're looking for. Visitors often bounce from a website too, but this can be managed by better understanding

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

When it comes to SEO, you absolutely must speed up your WordPress site. If your website loads too slow, there's no doubt it has a detrimental effect on traffic, rankings and revenue. Many developers and business owners wonder what they can do to speed up their WordPress site. The following article will help you with

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What is Pillar Content And How To Write Effective Pillars

Why you need to create Pillar Content? Create powerful content that is guaranteed to rank Create a silo with cornerstone content Boosts your SEO search engine rankings by making it easier to follow the links Make your business more visible and accessible Generate more traffic, leads and customers Pillar content is a new SEO strategy

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How To Do Twitter Marketing: Step by step guide

Twitter is a fast-paced social networking website with more than 300 million active users. It was created in 2006 and has become one of the most popular forms of social media today. Twitter can be used to promote your business or blog and there are many different ways to do it effectively, including following other

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11 Best Growth Hacking Stories That You Will Want To Read About

Best growth hacking stories Growing a business is a challenging task. Companies need to find means to market themselves. Also, increase their customer base to survive. Growth hacking involves using strategies outside of the traditional marketing methods. They include growth-hacking tactics like A/B testing. It helps for various purposes, including getting customers into your funnel

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How to Get Sitelinks to Appear in Google Search Results

Sitelinks are links that show up in Google search results.  They provide extra information about a site and help the user navigate through the site.  Here's why you need sitelinks  Sitelinks can be helpful because they show different content from your website at once. This is without having to click around or visit other pages. 

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Top 10 Marketing Books To Read

Marketing is a huge part of running an effective business. It's not easy to find the time to read marketing books. This is because of all the other things you have going on, but it's necessary if you want your company to succeed for your marketing efforts to be successful. You need knowledge and skill,

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What is Google Analytics [Learn How to Use it in 5 Minutes]

Doing your own Internet marketing and adding a Google analytics code to your website is not an easy task. Around 84% of b2b companies outsource parts of their marketing efforts to specialists. In addition to everything else, you need to track metrics and analyze conversions. And for most business owners, that sends a shiver down

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The 7 Top Search Engines, Ranked by Growth Opportunity

With so many search engines to choose from, it's important to know which ones are the most popular. This blog post will review the top 7 search engines and rank them in order of their growth potential. The first are pros and cons of each search engine. The second is optimization tips to help you

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How To Do A Technical SEO Audit In 9 Simple Steps

This blog post will walk you through how to do a technical SEO audit in 9 simple steps. Once complete, you'll have a better understanding of the health of your website's search engine optimization. You'll find potential gaps in your SEO. You'll find out if you have thin content pages. You'll also see which keywords

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