How To Detect Chat GPT Text

Determining if a text was penned by a human or an artificial intelligence can be quite tricky. Thanks, to the advancements in natural language processing AI generated text has become more complex blurring the line, between human and machine writing. ChatGPT, an used AI language model employs learning to produce text that mimics human writing.

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How to rank and rent: Local SEO without the client

How to rank and rent: Local SEO without the client Working in SEO isn't easy – even if you understand SEO. You're always at the mercy of the dominating Google that seems to change its algorithms and ranking factors. And trying to toe the line between what your clients want and what you know are

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11 Brainstorming Techniques for new blog content

Do you find yourself repeating the same topics over and over again on your blog? It's time to brainstorm some new content. In this article, we will go through eleven techniques for coming up with new blog post ideas. The first technique is called brainstorming. This is a great way to get your creativity flowing

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How to start a blog: The ultimate guide

Do you want to learn how to start a blog? Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Whether you're writing about current events, politics, else, sharing your life story, blogging can be an engaging activity that will help others get to know who you are! What is blogging? "blogging

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21 Blogging mistakes to avoid

Starting and running a blog isn't easy. Around 70% of new blogs fail to generate any worthwhile traffic within the first year. On top of everything else, every successful blogger will talk about the blogging mistakes they made in the early days of their business. If you start a blog the right way, it'll save

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