Why you need to create Pillar Content?

  • Create powerful content that is guaranteed to rank
  • Create a silo with cornerstone content
  • Boosts your SEO search engine rankings by making it easier to follow the links
  • Make your business more visible and accessible
  • Generate more traffic, leads and customers

Pillar content is a new SEO strategy in the evolving world of content.

When asked about their daily struggles, marketers often state:

  • Low traffic on your website
  • Poor search rankings
  • Not having a cohesive content and sales strategy
  • Promoting content using an ineffective strategy
  • Many marketers are uncertain how to calculate the ROI of content marketing.

Content pillars, keyword clustering, and keyword topics make the marketing process easier for small business owners and bloggers.

What is Pillar Content?

Neil Patel defines pillar content as “a page on your website that is the topical cornerstone for a large part of your site’s other content.”

If you’ve heard about cornerstone content before, this is what it all boils down to.

It is a large piece of content (over 10,000 words) that serves as the centerpiece for topic clusters. Besides, users can access an entire network of resources from this page through links spread throughout the text.

As an example, a company in marketing could create a content page about Facebook Marketing.

From this one page, users would be able to find extra information on:

  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Here are some best practices for posting.
  • Understanding the analytics of Facebook
  • Third-party Facebook tools.
  • The best way to get creative with your Facebook posts

The purpose of a topic cluster is to link related content together.

They provide access to pillar content by listing titles and linking back to the relevant section.

When you create your pillar content, it is best to include links to related information on the website.

For example, if you provide a single web page containing only this pillar article.

It will be one more article on your blog and not shine as much.

Five features of Successful Pillar Content

As with anything in your content marketing strategy, your pillar articles shouldn’t be written. Instead, they should receive about the same amount of attention and creativity as other content, if not more.

With a deliberate focus on the five pillars of successful content, put in place into your pages.

1. Provides you with the information you need

Successful pillar content is the answer to your audience’s needs. But you don’t know what questions they may have. So broad-stroke customer knowledge isn’t enough for content marketing.

Instead of starting with a topic, use brainstorming the topics you want pillar content about and focus on them.

From there, review keyword research to identify which topics and phrases are:

  • Understanding who your target audience is
  • Improve your ranking on Google
  • Make sure your SEO efforts have enough search volume to make an effort worthwhile.
  • Broad enough to link to many distinct topics

Armed with this data, you can now write out your main focus points for your pillar content.

To write solid pillar content, you need to be sure you answer the following questions:

  • How well do you address the complete answer to my audience’s questions?
  • What can we add to this article that readers will not find elsewhere online?
  • Does this content meet the users’ intent for this search?
  • If you need more information to do your task or query, send us the details and get a quote.

2. Proper Branding

Creating a consistent brand voice that backs up your core pillars is an integral part of pillar content. Besides, to generate interest among readers, your content needs captivating language and formatting.

When composing your content pillars, you should write using the tone. Besides, the style that is most recognizable as your brand. “Don’t stray away from your brand voice. Be inconsistent with your company’s personality. This will confuse readers who already have knowledge of you.”

Also, to providing valuable content, your blog posts will introduce readers to your brand. Thus, they must have a positive experience right away with your company’s branding.

3. Links, Links, and More Links

Don’t create a single page outlining the subject you’re so passionate about. Instead, give readers more context by linking to related content on your blog, also, across other pages of your company website.

Whenever you’re developing pillar content, be sure to keep the articles your site wants to link to in mind. Then, too, think about how you will integrate these resources. For example, would it be a text hyperlink, button, or an image that is linked?

These links help search engines sort and distinguish information ranking pages. The more links you can provide, the better your chance for a higher rank on-page results.

See Seo stats to learn more about why links matter.

4. User-Friendly Design

As you see, what content is needed for your pillar page? It is important to remember that design and layout have a significant visual impact. How will it look on different browsers and devices? You must create content to be used with many browsers and devices without losing functionality or design.

Before you format your content, discuss your company’s design. Then yet, the development team about what would provide the best user experience. They can also help you navigate any ethical issues that may arise when presenting information to users.

5. Simple Navigation

Since pillar content is the main feature of a larger content strategy, it must be able to:

  1. Navigating the pillar content page is easy.
  2. Follow other content to avoid getting lost.

With these considerations in mind, make sure your page’s content, design. Also, functionality all work together to meet your navigation goals. Otherwise, your readers will jump around the website, trying to find what they are looking for. One thing to remember is going to your competitors and seeing what they have. This leads to loss of visitors, content. One challenge of creating an information-central website is that search engines cannot link between pages on different sites.

Why You Need Pillar Content for Your Company

Moreover, content marketing can be a difficult task because the content market changes. For example, back when marketers would create long. Keyword-rich blog posts to rank higher with little regard for readability. That was a different strategy.

To improve the quality of our content and provide what both people and search engines want. More so, we have transformed our publication strategy. As a result, pillar content is a successful way to promote your product or service.

One goal of pillar content is to establish a business’s thought leadership in their industry.

1. Higher Search Rankings

Yet, it can take time to see improved search rankings for SEO or content marketing campaigns. But the output tone of voice should be helpful too. You will want to keep with your efforts if you’re in this field long-term!

Search engines change their algorithms. In particular, Google’s recent switching to featured snippets. Also, the human element of social media adds a new challenge for marketers trying to maintain their visibility on these platforms.

As a result of the Internet’s development and dominant position, our search habits have changed too. We no longer use fragmented keywords or phrases to do online searches. Instead, we type out questions or long queries in the hope of finding satisfying results.

Thus, when we create content focused on answering a reader’s question, search algorithms take note. And thanks to the related topics. Google aligns your brand with these keywords through increased page authority.

If you focus on creating content around your keywords, you’re likely to see an increase in the rankings and traffic for that topic.

2. Effective Content Planning

All content marketers hope that some of their ideas for blog posts and videos will be taken by key decision-makers. But, to make the final cut, all we can do is scribble down our thoughts as possible. This is because they’re never going to take any notice unless you do it quick enough. Also, if you try too hard, then your work might not even see the light of day.

All content marketers want their ideas for blog posts or videos considered. This is by crucial decision-makers to have a chance at success with them. It doesn’t always happen, though, since these people are so busy making decisions on what gets published. So the only way an idea may get noticed up high is if someone writes something fast.

One of the best benefits of implementing a pillar content strategy is that it enables you to plan your blog posts in an orderly fashion. This leads to less stress and writers’ block on drafts.

This is an example of a pillar article. Also, the cluster contains other articles about related topics, such as buying your first guitar.

  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Types of Amplifiers
  • Types of Guitar Strings
  • Popular Guitar Brands

When developing content for your blog, you create topics that branch out in many directions.

It can be easy to find new blog post ideas by listing what family members like to research potential topics.

Your content cannot be as brief when it is 10,000+ words long. One advantage to this is you can package the story in a different format, such as an infographic or image, and share it on social media.

Creating pillar content on your website provides you with unlimited content ideas.

You have likely created articles that can fit into your defined topic clusters already. Publish old blog posts with updates and include them in your pillar content strategy.

3. Makes your company appear more thoughtful.

To be an industry leader, one needs to focus on quality content that sells well to your target audience. Pillar content provides searchers and searches robots with evidence that your business knows what you’re talking about.

A pillar page will demand a lot of content that you can’t do on the. Yet, by developing this content strategy, you can show how knowledgeable your brand is about various topics. Then, people will see your post and begins looking for further information and resources on that topic.

Build brand awareness and gather qualified readers by increasing your company’s social media presence.

4. Improved Website Analytics

Your current content strategy is leading to lackluster website analytics. Low time on the site, a high bounce rate, and less-than-stellar organic traffic can direct your content strategy.

When utilizing pillar content, you can increase your website analytics. As an example, when users have more content to absorb on a single page, they tend to stay on the site longer. This will also increase “time spent” metrics.

So, a reader does not have to leave your website to access more information. This way, the bounce rate decreases.

If you want to increase the reach of your website, developing pillar content for its content strategy is critical.

The importance of social media in creating pillar content

Social media is a much-needed tool for content creation. After all, it’s where people are spending their time. Also, attention to creating the most engaging material. This helps to capture followers or likes from them. Thus, it should be considered an essential component of any marketing plan. Moreover, moving forward, if you want your brand out there making noise and being heard!

Social media is reffered one of the leading marketing tools. Marketers use it when looking for new ways to engage with customers online. Also, to generate more sales leads. Besides, increase reach without having gone back into traditional advertising methods. Unfortunately, this means a dramatic decrease in those watching television shows like before. This is due to how we live our lives on social channels. Instead, sit down and enjoy an hour-long drama series at night after work.

Some marketing professionals have always seen social media as another avenue. It is through which companies could try their luck again old relationships with potential clients. Also, where conventional advertisements had proven ineffective over recent decades. It is because people don’t watch television anymore.

Marketing is essential to any company’s success. Still, the nature of advertising can change depending on who one wants to target, besides how they want them engaged in an advertisement’s message. Social media platforms have provided a new way for these creative messages to reach broad audiences. That now ignores traditional avenues like TV. They do not show commercials anymore due to their changing viewership habits. To find potential customers willing to buy whatever is being marketed there.


Pillar content is essential to a company’s SEO success.

It provides the foundation for a well-rounded content marketing plan that appeals to all customer segments and needs.

To create pillar content, marketers need to know their target audience inside and out. They also need an understanding of what will make them want your product or service more than any other in the market today.

So what are some ways you can develop pillar content?

First, create it based on one specific area of interest, like pet care.

That enables customers to have something they’re looking for if they come across your site without knowing what they wanted before clicking around first.


What is pillar content?

A “content pillar” is a cohesive and explanatory piece of content containing many derivative sections—also, pieces and materials. For example, content pillars can include eBooks, reports, and guides.

Why do we need content pillars?

Using content pillars enables you to clarify your area of expertise. As an expert, your audience grows faster. When you are starting a new venture, try to focus on one subject area. The more focused your blog is at first, the easier it will be for you to grow an audience of people who trust and love what you do.

What is a pillar strategy?

Strategic pillars are the 3-4 strategic battles that your business needs to win in, no matter what. The company’s strategic pillars are not only about long-term economic success. They also represent what the strategy is to meet our top priorities.

What is a pillar site?

It is a single website page that the user can read in-depth about a particular topic. Also, it links to cluster pages or groups of more specific topics related to it.

What does “pillar to post” mean??

If someone’s childhood consists of jumping from one place to the next, they may be said to have “gone from pillar to post.” My parents skipped around like crazy, and my childhood was no different. But, of course, I spent time in a lot of new places too!

Is a pillar page the same as a landing page?

Pillar pages are the opposite of landing pages in many ways.

Companies that use pillar pages are not trying to convert visitors to their site into potential customers. But instead, use a much interest and high ranking to attract traffic from search engine result pages.

What is the content pillar in social media?

Your content strategy is created on the foundation of various topics that are relevant to your target audiences. These foundations, known as pillars or buckets, create an overarching theme for your campaign’s content.

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