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We want to tell you the whole story.

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seo marketing rockstar andy

Over the two past decades, we’ve done a lot of SEO consulting…

In our journey so far, we’ve helped hundreds of companies drive a lot of traffic to websites with our On-page SEO and Content marketing services.

  • Grown a website to 242,000+ monthly visitors in 6 months? Check.

  • Used content marketing to grow websites to 10.000 monthly visitors? Check.

  • Worked with Swedish SEO world champion Nr 2 Jim Westergren in 2006? Check.

  • Partnered with European search award winner in 2019? Check.

  • Partnered with Bulgarian Global search award winners in 2020? Check.

  • Page1 Clients has worked with companies from 18 countries? Check.

The weird part of our story, though?

The start of our journey in search marketing was a complete fluke.

Re: Petri Maatta’s Story

It all began when a professional consultant walked in and sold an “SEO package” to a client of mine…

In 2004, I had just finished building a travel agency website. My client was begging me to do SEO for his website.

Because he was so eager to get SEO going, he had booked a meeting with an IT consultant from the aero space industry…

We were working on the final touches of his website, in his office, when the IT consultant walked in.

The IT consultant was extremely intelligent, but by the sound of it, he had no clue about SEO.

I warned my client NOT to order anything from that IT consultant, but he didn’t listen to me. He signed a $2000 one-time package for SEO.

A few days later he received a pdf report from the consultant.

Basically, it had information about the state of the Internet and how it would become the next thing, and that he should not miss out on the potential profits.

I was soo mad!

So mad at this fake SEO expert.

Why would you claim to be an expert at a topic when you obviously had no clue about it? Why?

It really bothered me for a long time.

This all changed when I realized I had a mission and had been focusing on the WRONG thing.

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Who are looking for an experienced and proven direct-response copywriting partner to help them dominate their vertical as they expand.

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Drive more conversions and sales with persuasive, benefits-packed copy that transforms cold prospects into warm marketing qualified leads.


Increase demand for your offers with powerfully compliant advertorial and ad copy that’s jam-packed with emotional triggers and enchanting storytelling.


Tap into your audiences’ deepest desires with expertly-crafted email sequences designed to entice your readers and compel them to convert.


Capture your prospects’ attention and launch profitable offers using persuasive, narrative-driven copy that makes readers open up their wallets and buy.


Get scripts that sell and give you exactly just what to say to nurture leads and close the deal. Expertly-crafted video scripts designed to prime watchers to take action.


Cultivate assets that genuinely helps your audience succeed while ranking on the front of Google. SEO-optimized articles that turn traffic into ready-to-close leads.


Marketing Directory Norway

Thanks Petri, I didn’t expect us to get so much publicity and traffic.

Google Analytics showed around 242.000 visitors per month. From our earlier 1975 visitors per month, I think this completely unimaginable and incredibly good! In conclusion, I think this was a good decision. I would definitively recommend your product and services for other companies.

Tommy Ivarsson
Mdhuset AS

What experts say about our SEO

nova 8 marketing agency

"Top top quality work"

"Top top quality work. Really happy with results. A+ An asset to Upwork.com community"

Ygal Edy

— Ygal Edy

Agency owner, Nova Media 8

kaliber online

"Difficult keywords to the front page"

"Page1 Clients has been a good partner in the search engine optimization of our site. Good communication, insightful tips and advice. They helped us bring up some difficult keywords to the front page."

Timi Lindemann

— Timi Lindemann

Agency owner, Kaliber Online


"Confidently recommend him"

"Petri has been a long-time trusted link builder for our company, and we confidently recommend him to those in need of backlinks."


— Mats Bergsten

Agency owner, Beet AB

digital novas logo1

"He is always honest and loyal"

"I have worked with Petri Maatta for two years. He is a knowledgeable person and I learned a lot from him. I was amazed of his ability to see opportunities where 99% of the people see nothing. Besides, he is always honest and loyal."

Georgi Todorov

— Georgi Todorov

Outreach expert

mdhuset as logo

"242.000 visitors per month in 6 months"

" Thanks Petri, I didn't expect us to get so much publicity and traffic. When we saw how much positive feedback we received in Google, we were very pleasantly surprised. End result: Google Analytics showed around 242.000 visitors per month."

tommy ivarsson 1

— Tommy Ivarsson

Agency owner

slaviana soft

"Very pleased with Page1 Client's work"

"I am very pleased with Page1 Client's work on the optimization of one of my projects, a dedicated software for searching text in files."

Dimitar stamenov

— Dimitar Stamenov

Agency owner

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