We specialize in ethical SEO.

What is a code of ethics?

The Code of Ethics sets out the principles and standards that govern our behavior. It establishes what we can and cannot do in order to maintain the integrity of our services.

This blog post will focus on one area; how we deal with clients.

We need your help! If you’re a client who has worked with us before, please leave feedback below on whether or not you found our dealings ethical and if there’s anything else you’d like to say about it

Ethics are important

Choosing an SEO services company – our advice is to make sure they follow Google standards, guidelines and protocol that lead to real results.

Page1 Clients code of ethics

  1. Page1 Clients focus on what is best for you
    Page1 Clients assure to keep the client’s website safe at all times.
  2. Best practices, technologies & processes
    Page1 Clients will always do its best to ensure that the technology and processes we use comply with all necessary search engine guidelines. Clients never use processes that get sites banned or removed.
  3. Violation of search engine rules
    Page1 clients work to stay up-to-date about the rules and guidelines of appropriate search engines and directories, so they can quickly address any changes in these policies that may harm our clients.
  4. Page1 Clients always assure correct method
    Page1 clients ensure to abide by all necessary copyright, trademark and anti-spam laws.
  5. We exclusively represent our own work
    Page1 Clients never represent others’ work as their own. Page1 Clients always take care to avoid plagiarism in all of its work. We write original texts and designs for our clients. Page1 Clients use any third party content only with the consent of the creator.
  6. Page1 Clients ensure to only represent ourselves
    Page1 Clients provides an honest rundown of what capabilities we have and the experiences we can provide for our clients. We always strive to be straightforward about our shortcomings, so that you never feel misled or deceived by us. Page1 Clients specializes in providing clients with high-quality services and good customer support.
  7. Conflict of interest
    Page1 Clients will not participate in a conflict of interest without the approval of all parties. Page1 Clients will provide services to similar or related clients fairly and without bias.
  8. Setting reasonable expectations
    Page One clients will set realistic expectations for all clients. Page1 Clients will never make promises it cannot keep. We are open about how we can best help all of our clients and set realistic expectations with clear goals. We always stress honesty about what can be guaranteed, and to remind people that we cannot make promises about unfettered success. We can’t make promises on timelines that we can’t control.
  9. Protecting the confidentiality of clients
    The Page1 policy is to ensure that the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients are protected. Page1 Clients staff is bound to protect client information and documentation that is not generally known until such information is made public. We make every effort to keep our client testimonials private, but we cannot use any opinions on them before they give us explicit approval.
  10. Honest work and progress
    Page1 Clients ensures to work to increase or retain the rankings of client sites to the very best of our ability. Page1 Clients appreciates the trust clients put in us to create, build, market and manage their online presence. We are obligated by our agreements with our clients to honestly and competently improve or maintain their search engine rankings to our best ability. Page1 Clients ensures to do what is in our client’s best interest, even as search engines reinvent themselves, competition expands or techniques change.
  11. Ethical choices
    Page1 Clients pledges to not provide any SEO services for websites that promote surveillance technology, negative news, coronavirus-related., pornography, escort services or gambling.


We specialize in ethical SEO. The Code of Ethics sets out the principles and standards that govern our behavior. It establishes what we can and cannot do to maintain the integrity of our services.

A code of ethics is the set of principles and standards that govern our behavior. It establishes what we can or cannot do in order to maintain the integrity of our services, which are specifically designed for ethical SEO.