Looking for genuinely effective SEO that turns content into traffic, leads and sales?

Scroll down to find out if our growth machine can help.

Looking for genuinely effective SEO that turns content into traffic, leads and sales?

Scroll down to find out if our growth machine can help.

We write high-ranking blog posts and landing pages for the fastest growing B2B and digital brands in Europe.

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Whether you’re looking for…

  • Landing pages that get higher ranking positions on Google for queries relating to your service or software.
  • Blog posts that naturally rank well in Google
  • On page optimization that increases click through rate and overall SEO score by improving SEO title tags, meta descriptions
  • Content marketing makes you visible everywhere your audience is searching by increasing the publishing velocity of blog posts .
  • Natural link building occurs because they find you on Google’s first page and want to include a link to your content or website as a reference.

We can create it for you. In your brand voice.

Say no more – let’s do this

Marketing Directory Norway

Thanks Petri, I didn’t expect us to get so much publicity and traffic.

Google Analytics showed around 242.000 visitors per month. From our earlier 1975 visitors per month, I think this is completely unimaginable and incredibly good! In conclusion, I think this was a good decision. I would definitively recommend your product and services for other companies.

Tommy Ivarsson
Mdhuset AS

We create content distribution that drives traffic and engagement for

Service Business Owners

Who want to grow fast (and don’t want to hire) but need a stream of new leads and sales that’ll put them miles above the competition.

B2B Saas Brands

Who are looking for an experienced team and proven content marketing partner to help them dominate their vertical as they expand.

Marketing Agencies

Who want to deliver results for their clients, but struggle to find a reliable SEO consultant they can trust to deliver consistent high-quality work.


Discover how we helped a marketing agency go from 1975 monthly visitors to 242,000 visitors per month in 6 months flat.

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Learn how we helped a coaching business drive 124,944 unique pageviews in 12 months without backlinks and technical SEO.

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Find out how we beat three SEO agencies who couldn’t rank the site for more than three months and how we did it in five days.

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Why do the largest companies in Europe
trust us to do their content marketing?

Because working with us just makes financial sense.

For example, let’s say a company is getting 500 monthly visitors.

The company could have the “marketing manager” write an article a week about the company and current events, and who doesn’t actually understand how to write keyword-optimized content.

They might increase traffic to 600-700 visits per month.

The company could hire a full time person for $6000/month to do the content writing.

This is a little better.

That person might publish 2 articles per week which can increase website traffic to 1000 visits per month.

The content velocity has doubled.

When that same company hires us to do their SEO and content marketing, we’ll help them write 40 articles a month.

That’s 1,5 article a day.

Plus we’ll be able to help them with on page optimization, link building, and other parts of their customer acquisition funnel as well.

Now replace your average content calendar with something else…

Let’s replace it with that we’ll publish a three years worth of content in four months…

Something that probably generates more than 10,000, 50,000, or 100k+ monthly visits in about twelve months of time.

Now you’re playing with potassium.

Bottom line…

Companies hire us and leverage our keywords and content velocity expertise when they want their websites to drive objectively better results.

Your logic makes sense – let’s chat

We’ve spent 18 years doing SEO and content marketing that drives results, revenue, and raving customers.

A landing page we created got to position nr 2# in Google in just one month with a brand new website (even when keyword difficulty score (KD) showed 60 of 100, which normally means 6 months of SEO)

A landing page we wrote and optimized for a Marketing agency, using the keyword “SEO Agency/SEO Byrå” in Norway ranks at position nr 7 in two months (B2B in hyper-saturated market)

An opportunity occurred where we managed to rank two competing spa bath eCommerce brands in position 3 and 4 in Google for the same keyword “spa bath” (both in less than three months)

A new SEO optimized website we created for a Recruitment Company increased traffic by over 300%. (Their biggest current problem is figuring out a way to process all of the new leads coming in).

An SEO and content marketing strategy pulled in over 20 page1 rankings for a local spa & massage company that has four different locations (with a yearly business value of $150k+)

A set of on page optimization tweaks we created for a national plastic surgery company generated over 60 local SEO rankings in several different cities (with a yearly business value of $300k+).

Our SEO strategy works better than the competition.

If you’re looking to boost your traffic with our content-distribution marketing strategy, let’s chat.

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What experts say about our SEO

nova 8 marketing agency

“Top top quality work”

“Top top quality work. Really happy with results. A+ An asset to Upwork.com community”

Ygal Edy

— Ygal Edy

Agency owner, Nova Media 8

kaliber online

“Difficult keywords to the front page”

“Page1 Clients has been a good partner in the search engine optimization of our site. Good communication, insightful tips and advice. They helped us bring up some difficult keywords to the front page.”

Timi Lindemann

— Timi Lindemann

Agency owner, Kaliber Online


“Confidently recommend him”

“Petri has been a long-time trusted link builder for our company, and we confidently recommend him to those in need of backlinks.”


— Mats Bergsten

Agency owner, Beet AB

digital novas logo1

“He is always honest and loyal”

“I have worked with Petri Maatta for two years. He is a knowledgeable person and I learned a lot from him. I was amazed of his ability to see opportunities where 99% of the people see nothing. Besides, he is always honest and loyal.”

Georgi Todorov

— Georgi Todorov

Outreach expert

mdhuset as logo

“242.000 visitors per month in 6 months”

” Thanks Petri, I didn’t expect us to get so much publicity and traffic. When we saw how much positive feedback we received in Google, we were very pleasantly surprised. End result: Google Analytics showed around 242.000 visitors per month.”

tommy ivarsson 1

— Tommy Ivarsson

Agency owner

slaviana soft

“Very pleased with Page1 Client’s work”

“I am very pleased with Page1 Client’s work on the optimization of one of my projects, a dedicated software for searching text in files.”

Dimitar stamenov

— Dimitar Stamenov

Agency owner

We have to warn you, though...

If you want someone who calls themselves "SEO Expert" and says "Yes, Sir" to anything to you say,

We're not your SEO guys — you can find those people on Fiverr.

They’re a dime a dozen, and they come very cheap.

But, if you’re looking for an award winning SEO team...

Who happens to specialize in content marketing and content distribution that drives real business results... we should chat.

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Still not sure if we're the right content distribution company for the job?

Let's see how we compare against the competition side-by-side...

Many SEO "Experts"

Are part-time amateurs who barely know how to change the h1-tag or add meta descriptions in on page optimization, let alone do content and link audits, writing, content marketing, and link building.

  • Will take just about any SEO project/opportunity that comes at them.

  • Say yes to projects for the money, not because they can help you.

  • Don’t know whether they can actually increase your traffic.

  • Little to no experience with large scale content marketing projects.

  • Small portfolio with questionable experience driving real results.

  • Limited experience building and scaling profitable businesses.

  • May not enjoy doing SEO.

Page1 Clients

Is an award winning, proven SEO and content marketing agency with a 18-year track record of results.

  • Specializes exclusively in SEO on page-optimized web content.
  • Fast keyword analysis with strict clustering for all SEO projects.
  • Proven content distribution model with a be everywhere your client's are searching funnel.
  • Will only work with you if there’s a real opportunity to increase traffic.
  • Hundreds of high-ranking SEO projects, big and small.
  • Extensive portfolio working with the fastest growing brands in Europe.
  • Can't get enough of SEO.

Our SEO and content distribution has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in attributable revenue for our clients.

Say no more - lets's do this!
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12,374+ words. 7 chapters. Zero fluff.

Want to steal our content marketing process?

12,374+ words. 7 chapters. Zero fluff.

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