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How To Do A Technical SEO Audit In 9 Simple Steps

This blog post will walk you through how to do a technical SEO audit in 9 simple steps. Once complete, you'll have a better understanding of the health of your website's search engine optimization. You'll find potential gaps in your SEO. You'll find out if you have thin content pages. You'll also see which keywords

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Keyword Clustering – Why You Need to Do It

Keyword clustering is a great concept for SEO. Suppose your website fails to gain traction in the search engines or generate the number of visitors you want to get. You can use keyword clustering to improve your site rankings. This article will define what Keyword clusters are and how this strategy can benefit your site.

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What is Social Media Engagement Rate? And How Do You Calculate It?

Do you know your Social media engagement rate? Social media engagement rates measure the level of interest your content is generating. It's the measure in which followers engage with your posts on a social network. You measure it by dividing total engagements (likes, shares, retweets) by total following. Thus, the social media engagement rate measures

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Google Search Quality Guidelines: here is what you should know

Doing SEO and content marketing isn’t easy. In fact, only around 20% of new businesses succeed within the first year. On top of everything else, there’s Google Google Search Quality Guidelines to think about. And for most people, even SEO's, they would rather not hear about that. But following Google Search Quality Guidelines can be

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How to do Competitor Analysis Using SEMrush

A lot of businesses are looking for new ways to grow. One way is through competitor analysis, which can be done using a tool called SEMrush. This blog post will go over what you can learn from this practice and conduct it with the help of SEMrush. The first thing that you should analyze during

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What Is Schema Markup? How to Use It for SERPS

Schema markup is a way to add more information about your content. It is to help search engine crawlers understand what it's all about. This is called structured data, and this article will show you how schema markup can be used for SEO. You'll learn the basics of schema and how it works with Google

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What is the Google Knowledge panel And How To Make It Appear?

Google's knowledge panel is the block you will find on the right side of your screen in the search results. Nowadays, you will see it for a lot of queries. It presents Google's Knowledge Graph results. This can be seen as an engine connecting all kinds of data Google finds on the web. If you

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Land and Expand Strategy

What is content marketing? Content Marketing is about promoting products, services and ideas by providing information to prospective customers from a company's website or blog. The ultimate goal is to get people to buy something from that company. When it comes to the Land and expand strategy in content marketing, it means first targeting your

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How to rank and rent: Local SEO without the client

How to rank and rent: Local SEO without the client Working in SEO isn't easy – even if you understand SEO. You're always at the mercy of the dominating Google that seems to change its algorithms and ranking factors. And trying to toe the line between what your clients want and what you know are

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