If you would like to find out the real reason our eastern European SEO outsourcing team won the European Search Awards in 2019, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why this story of an SEO geek became a big thing…

My name is Petri Maatta and, years ago, I was just a CEO of an ordinary SEO company.

My business was chugging along, and my clients would often complain:

  • How long is this going to take?
  • Why aren’t we ranking for more keywords?
  • My “favourite” of all, they would withhold payments

I was fed up. I was desperate for change.

Then, one day, I met an SEO guy on Upwork.

I talked this guy for a while and soon realized he was a total SEO geek. His name is Boris, and together we came up with a “crazy idea” about how to create a certain kind of software to help with rankings and would send our clients to the first page.

Everybody laughed at the idea.

They thought it was a big joke. “SEO from Eastern Europe” will never see the light of the day.

They said I was a dreamer and that I had no “common sense.”

In fact, one guy said we were just geeks and that my idea was so silly, he felt sorry for me.

Well, what options did I have? To work harder, smarter?

I still thought I had a good idea and spent the next years adding stuff to the software.
At first, it was just tracking keyword positions.

Later we added an on-page analysis.

And guess what?

Some people and businesses did start to get better results using our software.

I used the additional income to add schema tools to the software, which improved our results even more. And I used that success to make the software with AI tools which brought in “suggestions” of content structure, keywords and how to improve trustability in regards to TrustFlow.

What’s the bottom line?

Simply this: with the last version of the Eastern European SEO’s geek software, these last two advanced upgrades made us…

European Search Award Winners 2019

European Search Award Winners 2019

Think about it: millions of SEO EXPERTS out there and every one of those claiming to know the secret.

And what was I optimizing?

Actually, it doesn’t matter.

You see, the magic was not in the geek or the expert.

It was in the software we use for our client’s websites!

Do you have something to sell?

If so, you can use our done-for-you “SEO services” we used to win to create traffic to your website and sell almost anything you’ve got.

Who needs this SEO Software and service?

  • Are you a business owner who needs more leads and sales?
  • Are you a company about to scale up that needs a trusted way to increase your website traffic?
  • Do you have an e-commerce store, restaurant, car dealership, or some other kind of establishment you’d like to see swamped with customers?
    Are you a marketing or web design consultant who likes to help his clients get access to a great SEO service when he sees one?
  • Are you a local business: M.D., a dentist, a chiropractor, an optometrist, a therapist, or any other kind of health care professional who would like to see your waiting room a lot more crowded?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should try my “crazy idea.”

You can find it in our DONE-FOR-YOU SEO Service called…

Page1Clients SEO Outsourcing

Listen: many years ago, I thought I wanted to open an e-commerce store and sell stuff online.

I went ahead and dedicated my best SEO guy that had a great reputation and was an “Expert”. But there was a problem. You see, although there were some good rankings, I did not get enough traffic to sell even one item.

And therefore, no matter how hard the expert worked, there was a definite limitation on the traffic that would come to the site.

And besides that, it took months and months of waiting!

So, I kept searching and searching until I came up with my “crazy software idea”, which is the first experience I ever had with what I call SBT or “Schema Markup Based Tactics.” SBT uses the secrets of something else I developed called “AI SEO”, which almost forces Google to rank whatever landing page you are creating.

And what SBT lets you do, rank almost anything without ever spending months…or weeks working on a specific keyword!

These “SBT” optimization secrets of “AI SEO” can be used on any website platform or language.

If you have a business (or you want to have a business), this software can generate so much traffic. You may actually have a hard time knowing what to do with it all.

I’m serious.

My “crazy software” brought in…

More Than 242,000 Visits Per Month In 6 Months!

google analytics 1 million visits in 6 months

Millions of visits with Search Engine Optimization

You know, that was in 2010-2012.

By the way, getting that many visitors every month means you have to hire teams of full-time employees just to utilize it to your advantage. In fact, that is exactly what happened to the client we worked with.

But anyway, my “crazy software” isn’t for sale anywhere. We use it for clients only.

It’s our secret weapon.

And, the software isn’t everything we do for you as a client.

Here is the 6 step process (we use to rank websites to the top):

Step 1: On-Page SEO Audit

A thorough SEO audit is performed and Includes the website, images, speed, content, link analysis, link profile, and 38 other metrics that the AI SEO software scans.

Step 2: Integration of On-Page SEO Audit

We make the on-page changes on your website while the software scans and analyzes the completion rate and potential holes that need to be plugged in.

Step 3: Creation of Content Strategy

The keyword list is imported, and the software suggests 0-10 different options and variations that can be utilized to help Google and a person navigate the site. This step also includes content writing.

Step 4: Integration of Content Strategy

We implement a content marketing strategy.

Step 5: Off-Page Optimization

Includes building trust with backlinks, social links, and other buzz.

Step 6: Process Monitoring

We analyze and evaluate the results from start to end.

OK, that’s it for now.

I’m running out of space here.

But anyway, I hope I have given you enough information about my new service Be everywhere Funnel to make you decide to get it and get results right away.

Look, the cost of our services is extremely low compared to what you get.

However, even so. I don’t want you to commit to anything until you’ve taken our In-Depth SEO Audit and find out for yourself how potential challenges your site may have and the potential traffic we will discover for your keywords.

Does that sound strange to you?

I’m sorry if it does, but no matter what…! I intend to treat you like! Would like to be treated!

In other words, I think you deserve to be able to get to know us before you commit to a long-term project.

Here’s how to order an In-Depth SEO Audit:

All you have to do is use the form below and submit your name, work email, website URL and phone number, including country code and any comments on the Application form at the bottom of this page.

That’s all there is to it. As soon as I receive your request, I will call you.

Then, within seven working days, we will send you a complete SEO report of all the potential challenges, and then we can decide whether we will work together or not.

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