Facebook has a policy that requires all pages to have an Impressum.

  • This is for anyone who posts content on behalf of their company or organization.
  • The Impressum is a statement at the bottom of your Facebook page.
  • It provides information about the entity responsible for publishing content.
  • Besides, it promotes transparency in communication with followers.

For example, if you are running a business that sells organic vegan food products and posts pictures of your latest creations on your page. Then it would be wise to include an Impressum so as not to come under scrutiny by Facebook’s policies team.

What is an “Impressum”?

An Impressum is a document that will help you know your company’s values and what they’ll be doing with customer data.

An Impressum, also known as an “imprint,” is like a small-scale privacy policy for companies. But it’s more concise than many other types of procedures. It helps them explain their principles in specific detail to customers.

So there are no surprises down the line!

Note: that an Impressum is not always required for private pages. Such as a personal blog that does not generate any income.

The Impressum is a mandated article to be included in publications.

In Germany, the term “impressum” has been translated as “publication imprint.” It must appear online and print media – so for an online business this statement provides information about our company address, phone number, and website.

“Impressum” is a Latin-derived German word meaning “to impress or engrave (something).”

Do I need an Impressum?

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to operate a website without an Impressum.

To follow the law in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you need one too, even if your site is only for .com/.net, etc.

Many legal requirements must be met when operating a commercial website online.

So make sure you include an Impressum if you’re running a business.

If you’re a blogger that is not selling anything, then this Impresssum is not a concern for you.

Why is it essential to have an Impressum on Facebook?

Impressum on Facebook

Have you ever seen someone post a status about an important event, but they have no idea who their audience is?

For example, if your brother were to say he was going on vacation and posted it on his personal Facebook.

In the United States of America, they are protected by copyright law that gives them ownership over their work for life plus 70 years.

This means that this information may be available as “public” or accessible because it’s not private. However, other people can’t use these ideas without permission from the owner.

  1. The Impressum tells viewers where things came from so there won’t be any confusion which will also avoid lawsuits. This is because it lists the name of who created and published your website. How to contact them in case something goes wrong or you have questions about their site. All this information can help resolve conflicts if they arise down the line!
  2. The Impressum tells a viewer what they need to know that when looking at an internet page, whether it’s social media, blog posts, articles. Including companies like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, whose products are used on these sites.
  3. The Facebook Impressum not only provides more information to your readers. It also helps create a sense of trust and transparency. The tone should help make it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to say. It will make them feel they can either identify with or aspire towards your message.

The importance of social media’s “Impressum” is best explained by how it affects two different groups.

Those who read content on their screens in private, or public for that matter. As well as essential stakeholders like potential investors. The first group may be less likely to invest time into something.

If they don’t believe what you’re telling them, many other sources compete with yours for attention. It means you have limited chances at persuading viewers before someone finds another way out from under your spell.

On the other hand, potential investors will find an online presence without one unappealing due to higher risks associated with shady.

Why use an Impressum for your business?

Impressum for your business

An Impressum is a German term that translates to “to illustrate.” It has been embodied in English law as the document published at the end of a book. This includes information about copyright and publishing data.

Suppose you’re in charge of any business-related materials. There are laws and regulations from countries worldwide that need an “Impressum” label to be displayed.

As required by law, there should be an Impressum in a variety of formats.

It’s a great idea to have an Impressum so that potential clients feel confident in your business.

It would help if you considered adding one to your website, as it will help you build trust with those who visit and increase the number of people visiting each day.

States without an Impressum have regulations that protect inventors’ rights.

  1. To decrease confusion, we created separate pages for our legal notice. Also, legal disclosure and site notice.
  2. Every book should contain critical information (name of the publisher and printer. Also, date of publication).
  3. Seen most often on the editorial PagePage of newspapers and magazines, you may find a list of board members.
  4. The UK’s Printer’s Imprint Act 1961 requires printers to put their name and address on each print book.
  5. Parties and campaign groups must show their names on all electoral materials under the Political Parties. Also, elections and Referendums Act 2000.

If you don’t have a meta page to list business information, it would be best to create one that includes company or brand details.

Relevant: It may seem like Facebook is free to use, but the company needs some income from its users.

It’s essential for their business model that they get your information. Besides, selling it in one way or another, so don’t forget what you’re getting into when joining up with them!

Impressum and Facebook

Many businesses are looking to follow a new German law by getting their Impressum. As a result, Facebook is easing the process for German language-based companies. Moreover, adding an option that allows users to create official documentation on a public Page.

“What is an Impressum on Facebook?”

What is an Impressum on Facebook

Facebook allows users to input up to 2000 characters on their Impressum. Else, if they exceed this number, the text will be shortened. But even so-called “shortened” texts are still pretty long!

Facebook only has a character limit of 2 000 for your About section. But don’t worry too much about it because you can have more than that (not all in one place)!

Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Events policies need page administrators. To obey all applicable laws if they are subject to the Tele-Media Act. If this applies, Facebook requires you to include an Impressum on your page.

What is impressum in fb page example

Facebook offers a variety of ways to present an Impressum on your Page’s About tab.

The following Facebook Impressum examples show how different styles meet the requirements for an Impressum.

Audi Impressum fb page example

impressum examle fb audi car

Audi’s Facebook cover page has a banner that displays its business information. Including the names of board members and contact details. They provide more contact information and resources for users who want to find out about their mileage data.

An Impressum is a way of including extra information about your company, as shown by Audi. For example, they have entered a dispute resolution disclaimer before their VAT ID and mailing address in their Impressum.

Birkenstock Impressum fb page example

impressum examle fb birkenstock

Birkenstock’s Facebook About Page features their business description and Impressum. In addition, they have a short Impressum, but provide the required information about their business and contact options.

You can vary the length of your information and order as long as you include all required information.

Allianz Impressum fb page example

impressum examle fb allianz

Allianz’s Facebook About page includes its business description and Impressum. In addition, it provides information about the company, staff members, and a contact us form. Also, links to full Impressum for customers, including privacy policy and Instagram.

How to Write Impressum for your Facebook Page

Write Impressum for your Facebook Page

The Impressum section should always have the following information about your Facebook page;

  • Business Name or Organization name
  • Address information of the Organization or Business.
  • Contact information for contacting this Business or Organization.
  • Name of the owner or manager of the entity and Business or Organization.
  • The registration and license number of the company.
  • Links to your website’s Impressum (Privacy Policy) page.
  • On the left side of your page, click About.
  • Click on “Page Info”
  • Editing the Impressum section and adding your information
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Save Changes

Visitors to your Facebook Page will be able to see this information when they click the ‘About’ link below your Facebook Page’s profile. You can use 20000 characters for the Impressum entry.

Facebook requires few bits of personal information when complying with legal contracts if your business is based in a jurisdiction. Where an “Impressum” (contact info) is required by law, more information will be needed depending on what type of business you have. Facebook can comply. This is by providing the means to enter and store minimal information. Also, while offering a link to the Business or Organization’s official Impressum page. In this way, the liability is transferred to the business. Else, the organization is creating the Facebook Impressum.

What to add to the Impressum?

Yet, it’s important to always include the following information in the Impressum:

  • The name of the company/ business/organization
  • The address of the company/ business/organization
  • Contact number/s, fax number/s, email address
  • The owner’s name
  • The manager’s name
  • The license and registration number of the company/ business/ organization
  • Several links that direct to the official website of the company/ business/ organization.

Adding the information mentioned above helps Facebook handle the situation. These include business getting involved in a jurisdiction that requires an Impressum. Having an Impressum lets Facebook use the links provided by the company as well as the information posted. In the end, there is a transfer of liability to the company/ business/ organization.

The Role of Impressum Generators

Believe it or not, most page visitors do take the time to read about a business’s information. Therefore, owners should see the Impressum as an essential aspect of the company’s page.

Creating an Impressum can be challenging for business owners who don’t know the laws surrounding it.

Thanks to Impressum generators. Small business owners now have access to endless guides and support when creating new content.

Also, Facebook will work with owners who want to change their profile type by offering to help them do so. This program allows practitioners to abide by Facebook’s terms of service and use the platform’s features.

What are the benefits of having an Impressum on Facebook

With the introduction of Facebook Live. It is more important than ever to have a clear and prominent Impressum on all posts.

Facebook’s new features offer unprecedented opportunities. This allows individuals to share their lives online with friends. Besides, family members or anyone who might be interested in hearing about what they’re up to at any given time, from cooking dinner dishes with kids right before bedtime stories. That will make you cry tears of joy. The downside? An increased risk for internet trolls looking to wreak havoc. It is by targeting unsuspecting users’ profiles. Moreover, posting offensive content without an understanding as to how this possibly affects them.

Are there legal consequences for not having an Impressum?

The answer to your question is complicated.

  • Yes, it’s a need in many jurisdictions for online publications. Also, all print materials are distributed within the jurisdiction of its authorities. There are no legal consequences as long as you’re not trying to mislead or deceive anyone about who published topics. Neither, where they can find other information on the publication. It needs an Impressum if applicable laws need one–and some do, but others don’t;
  • I’m sorry, but we cannot give out any advice related to these topics now. This is because regulations may change from year to year with little notice given by regulators. Moreover, lawmakers alike due to shifting geopolitical dynamics. These include those seen during Brexit negotiations.


As the years go by, more business owners are turning to social media platforms. They include Facebook for efficient and innovative ways of endorsing data. Also, displaying essential company information. If you have a company or business, make sure that your page includes an Impressum to cover all legalities.

While there may not be any laws in your country yet about including an Impressum on social media accounts like Facebook, it is imperative to have this type of information to stay compliant with future legislation. ‌


What is the “impressum” on Facebook business pages?

An Impressum is a statement of facts about the business. Think of it as an “About Us” page and more formal than that. The information sheet contains the company’s contact info, including ownership—besides its physical address and other relevant details.

What is an example of the Impressum section on a Facebook page?

Facebook’s Impressum is a section on the “About” Page. It appears with contact information and legal identification numbers for your Business`. Also, it allows you to write up 2,000 characters worth of content about what makes your company unique. If you have more than this many words in mind. Facebook cuts off the text after it reaches its limit but gives people who want to read it an easy way. This is by linking them where they can see everything without scrolling their news feed!

What is included in the Impressum section of a document?

Generally, an “impressum” will contain the following information:

  1. Name of the website on which information appears.
  2. Address of website owner
  3. Include contact information, including phone number, fax machine, and email address.
  4. This site is maintained by Owner Name with input from Editing Team Members.
  5. Any VAT, registration, and license numbers required.

What is the function of an Impressum page?

You may have seen a link on every primary German website called the Impressum. It is mandatory for all websites published in German-speaking countries. It is a page that describes the publisher of that website as an imprint.

Do I need to have a privacy policy when my Facebook profile is public?

Facebook wants to take the privacy of its users. So they need notification of any personal data being collected through action on your PagePage, for those who are not sure what this entails. Facebook has included some helpful information in their Privacy Policy guide for you!

In general, most people with a website that collects any data needs to have a privacy policy.

The reverse psychology of offending your affiliates

If you want to delete the information displayed in your “Impressum,” click edit and erase what you wrote. Click save changes when finished.

How can I create a link to the privacy policy?

Once you have your URL for an iOS or Android app, all you need to do is provide it to your host. Log in to the developer’s account and navigate under Settings > Basic. Enter the Privacy Policy URL field and then paste the link generated by Terms Feed into the box. Save your changes, and you’re ready to go.

Do I need an “imprimatur”?

The website is published with a .de top-level domain or not.

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